Gringo Jack’s is a southwestern bar and grill nestled into the beautiful green mountains in Manchester, Vermont.  We’re doing it all natural, with no preservatives or anything yucky. Just fresh and authentic ingredients, for a fresh and authentic taste.  And, now, we’re writing a blog to share our expertise with you!

We use local ingredients whenever possible. Clear Brook Farm brings us baskets of fresh vegetables.  True Love Farm grows the most wonderful tomatillos.  And, Dick bottles our Vermont maple syrup by hand and delivers it to us the next day!  Our BBQ sauce does not use ketchup – rather, we make our own ketchup.  Our chips are so unique with a light, flaky crunch and hand dusting of spices.  If you’d like to try some yourself, visit gringojacks.com!

Michele and Jack
Michele and Jack

For co-founder, Michele Kropp, food is a true passion.  With years in the education field where she founded and ran computer schools throughout the country, landing in Vermont gave her the opportunity to chase her true love.  Her commitment to real, less processed food and her love of all that is real ensures that Gringo Jack’s products are the very best!

Artist and restaurateur, co-founder Jack Gilbert believes that real flavor comes from authentic and quality ingredients.  Sort of like the paints on a canvas to create a painting, so are the ingredients to any sauce or salsa.   Who better than an artist to make sure his products are perfect!

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